TechnologyThe Russian 'app' that tricked Zelenski's cyber army by supplanting the Azov...

    The Russian ‘app’ that tricked Zelenski’s cyber army by supplanting the Azov Battalion

    The war that confronts Ukraine and Russia is also fighting on the Internet. It has been that way since the end of February, when Kremlin soldiers first set foot on foreign soil. So, to the state ruled by Zelensky rushed to ask for help to ‘hackers‘ from around the world to help cyber defend the country while at the same time launching attacks against Russian networks and infrastructure.

    To date, the small group of ‘hackers’ called the IT Army, supported by third parties and the Anonymous collective, have caused problems for thousands of companies and institutions in the neighboring country. They also leak data that knock down the websites of Russian cinemas on weekends. But not everything has been sewing and singing.

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    Recently, Google’s threat analysis group reported the discovery that the Turla cybercriminal gang, a group publicly attributed to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), the new KGB, has been hosting malicious apps for Android devices. in a domain that spoofed the officer of the extremist Ukrainian Azov Battalion.

    On the fake web page, Turla claimed to offer a tool, called Cyber ​​Azov, designed to launch denial-of-service attacks, aimed at bringing down websites and widely used against Russia since the beginning of the invasion. In reality, the cybercriminals hid malicious code in the application that would allow them to locate them and their targets.

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    In accordance with Google, the application was not available in the official store of ‘apps’ of devices with Android operating system, the Play Store. The technology threat team points out that, according to the data it has collected, it does not believe that the campaign has been a great success.

    attacks of all kinds

    Indeed, since the beginning of the war thousands of ‘hackers’ from all over the world have collaborated to launch attacks against websites owned by Russian companies and institutions. This has caused the country governed by Putin to become the most cyber-attacked globally, according to studies by various cybersecurity companies.

    There have also been few initiatives carried out abroad with the aim of sharing information with the country’s population, which in recent months has lost access to most of the major social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok.

    That is the case, for example, of Squad303, a page that contains thousands of telephone numbers and emails of Russian inhabitants that are available to anyone. The objective, indeed, is for users to use them to share information about the invasion that has no echo in Russia.


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