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    The Pentagon acknowledged that it could not explain half of the UFO sightings in 2022

    The Pentagon acknowledged in its annual report that the number of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (FANI) that it managed to explain represents only half of the total number of events reported during the year 2022.

    The publication of the report comes after the government decided to declassify the document. The text includes the general statistics of the FANI cases registered during the course of 2022.

    In total, 510 reports of FANI sightings were recorded.of which the highest percentage was presented by military personnel during 2022. The report presented by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence details that Last year, 366 sightings were recorded, with the other 144 remaining events occurring between 2004 and 2017..

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    Of the 366 cases, only 195 of them could be explained, the most common explanations being the use of hot air balloons, drones for civilian use, plastic bags, and birds. This means that 171 sightings went unanswered by researchers. They explained that these events had to be classified as “not characterized or attributed”, since they do not know their origin because they did not have sufficient data to make an identification.

    One aspect that was repeated in many of the FANI sighting reports was the fact that the objects moved in an unusual way. that could not be explained with the naked eye. A relevant aspect of the report is that it does not refer to any of these cases as a possible sign of extraterrestrial technology.

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    Hundreds of reports

    The All Domains Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) reported in December 2022 that it had received hundreds of reports related to FANI sightings.

    We have not seen anything that leads us to believe that any of the objects we have seen are of extraterrestrial origin.. I have not seen anything (…) that suggests that there has been an extraterrestrial visit or an alien crash, ”said Ronald Moultrie, Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, for the date.

    Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, head of the newly reorganized AARO, indicated that these cases are investigated as potential threats to national security. This is confirmed by Moultrie’s statements that any unidentified flying object entering or near a restricted area will be considered hostile until it is identified.

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