TechnologyThe Kardashian sisters and other 'influencers' ask Instagram to stop copying TikTok

    The Kardashian sisters and other ‘influencers’ ask Instagram to stop copying TikTok

    Instagram is no longer a photographic ‘app’. Today, not even sharing images is its most important functionality. The platform, one of the most attractive platforms for young people, has been turning towards video for some time; especially since 2020, when the reelsthose vertical videos similar to those that have always been found in TikTok and that are becoming more and more important on the platform.

    In recent days, several ‘influencers’, including the sisters Kylie Jenner and kim kardashian, have raised their voices requesting that the social network return to its essence and photography recover the lost weight. “Make Instagram great again. “Stop trying to be TikTok, I just want to see pretty photos of my friends,” can be read in ‘stories’ shared by the two celebrities on their accounts.

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    The image used by the sisters was published by the German photographer Tati Bruening three days ago. The artist has also started a campaign on aimed at pressuring the social network to return to her origins. So far, she has gotten close to 200,000 signatures.

    Message shared by creators on Instagram

    The campaign consists of four points. The photographer requests that the images reappear in the ‘feed’ chronologically, that the social network stop trying to behave like TikTok, that the algorithm favor photos and, finally, that more attention be paid to the opinion of the creators that have been on the platform for a long time.

    Despite the fact that the application has achieved great support (in addition to the Kardashians, other ‘influencers’ with millions of followers in the ‘app’, such as the model Chrissy Teigen and the ‘youtuber’ James Charles, have joined) nor does it look like Instagram is going to make any changes.

    mark zuckerberg, owner of Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, already made it clear months ago that it aims to capture the attention of the largest number of young users; and, for this, he considers that prioritizing video content and having a behavior closer to that of TikTok is crucial.

    The ‘app’ does not crack

    Adam Mosseri, executive director of Instagram, has come out in the last few hours in the face of criticism from influencers, making it clear that the platform is not going to make any of the requested changes. But come on, not even close. “I have to be honest. I think Instagram will become more and more of a video site over time,” the executive said on his social media.

    It should be remembered that in recent days, both Facebook and Instagram have announced several new features aimed at making the platforms work more like TikTok.

    As far as the (former) photo ‘app’ is concerned, the tool is trying to prioritize videos in the ‘feed’ and an increase in the size of photos and videos on the screen. It has also been announced that all uploaded recordings will become Reels.


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