TechnologyThe Kansas nuclear power plant will carry out an exercise to measure...

    The Kansas nuclear power plant will carry out an exercise to measure its response to a possible emergency

    The Kansas nuclear power plant will carry out an exercise to measure its response to a possible emergency

    In order to confirm that all areas of the Wolf Creek nuclear power plant are operating smoothly, At the end of the month, a kind of drill will be carried out with the participation of the state of Kansas, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Coffey County.

    In this way, on Wednesday, August 31, the area located near Burlington, Kansas, will present an unusual activity for the rest of the country, but not for those who live there, since this type of exercise is mandatory every two years.

    Thus, Kansas authorities, the utility company and the County must work together following a protocol created to protect the health and safety of the population that lives and works in the vicinity of the Wolf Creek Generating Station.

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    During the exercise, state and local plans for preparedness and response to radiological emergencies will be evaluated. that at some point could arise in the plant built in 1977 and operating since 1985.

    In this way, participating state and local officials will have to demonstrate that they are ready to activate emergency facilities if necessary.

    All of this will be under the supervision of the FEMA Region 7 Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program.

    Likewise, several officials from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will also be on site to observe the operation of the plant.

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    About, A public meeting has been scheduled for Friday, September 2, where the process of the large-scale response exercise will be discussed.

    It should be noted that the entire response exercise evaluation process takes months, so preliminary results are expected to be limited.

    An interesting point is that people interested in the subject can attend the public meeting that will be held at the Coffey County Library.

    A little remembered fact is that On January 13, 2012, due to a breaker failure and an unexplained loss of power in an electrical transformer, the Wolf Creek Station experienced an automatic reactor trip and an external power loss that lasted three hours.

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    Hence the fact that from that moment on the authorities have reinforced the security protocols.

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