TechnologyThe hidden face of the Moon: they will use artificial intelligence to...

    The hidden face of the Moon: they will use artificial intelligence to map it

    The hidden face of the Moon: they will use artificial intelligence to map it

    A group of scientists from the ETH University of Zurich announced that they intend to msurvey the far side of the Moon for the first time in history using artificial intelligence. The researchers are confident that they will be able to create highly accurate models of the satellite’s surface in a very short time.

    Although the side of the Moon that faces our planet has been studied in depth by the scientific community, to the point that certain areas of it have their own names such as the Sea of ​​Tranquility, the same has not happened with the area which is not visible from our planet.

    The experts wish to provide information on the craters located in this area of ​​the Moonmany of which remain in perpetual darkness because they have not seen a single ray of light in billions of years.

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    “The towering mountains cast dark shadows and the deep craters shelter the perpetual darkness of their abysses. Some harbor permanently shadowed regions that have not seen sunlight in billions of years and experience temperatures as low as -203ºC.”, they say from NASA.

    In order to map the area, scientists from the University of Zurich explained that will use in parallel the data collected by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) and an artificial intelligence. In this way, the computerized system will be able to obtain as much data as possible with which to “give light” to the dark areas of the Moon.

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    All this will be possible thanks to the high resolution images captured by the LROC, which managed to capture the photons that bounce off the adjacent mountains and the walls of the craters themselves.

    “Now, with the help of artificial intelligence, the team has managed to make such efficient use of this data that areas that were previously dark become visible,” they said from the Swiss study center.

    They argued that beyond being able to map the area, this type of research is extremely important because, as a result of the low temperatures, it is possible that water vapor or other frozen volatile substances can be found in this class of places even on the lunar surface. These data would be extremely important in case the creation of a lunar base materializes as NASA plans.

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    “These new findings will allow precise planning of routes to and through the permanently shadowed regions, which will greatly reduce the risks to Artemis astronauts and robotic explorers. Thanks to the new images, astronauts can target specific locations to take samples and assess the distribution of the ice.”

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