TechnologyTD Bank confirmed that a former employee leaked information about its clients:...

    TD Bank confirmed that a former employee leaked information about its clients: what the bank offers in compensation

    TD Bank confirmed that a former employee leaked information about its clients: what the bank offers in compensation

    TD Bank confirmed rumors about an alleged breach of customer data with potentially sensitive information. The financial institution indicated that the whole situation was the product of a former employee who was in charge of accessing the bank’s systems and extracted the users full name, along with their physical address, social security number and their account number.

    At the moment the exact number of clients affected by this leak is not known, however, taking into account that it is one of the most important banks in the country, the number of affected is expected to be considerable.

    “We recently discovered that in May 2022, one of our employees improperly accessed some of your personal information and may have provided it to an unauthorized third party,” TD Bank said in a statement sent to affected users.

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    In the text they detailed that a large part of the users whose personal information was violated presented fraudulent activities in their accounts during the last five months.

    In this regard, TD Bank pointed out that they have taken responsibility for the lost funds and therefore have been responsible for reimbursing their customers for fraudulent transactions. They also promised to safeguard your confidential information from another incident similar to this in the future.

    Similarly, TD Bank stated that all customers who were victims of the data breach will receive identity theft protection and assistance completely free of charge so that they can close their accounts. At the same time you will be able to open a new account without any additional charges.

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    They stressed that this entire incident is an isolated event, which is being subjected to an internal investigation by the financial institution’s corporate security team.

    from the bank they recommended their clients to be particularly attentive to any type of transaction made from their accounts that they do not recognize so that if it is a fraud they can contact them as quickly as possible.

    “Remain vigilant for incidents of fraud, identity theft, and errors by periodically reviewing your account statements for any unauthorized activity and monitoring free credit reports for the next twelve to twenty-four months,” concludes the letter sent by TD Bank.

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