TechnologyStarlink V2: T-Mobile phones will be able to connect directly to Elon...

    Starlink V2: T-Mobile phones will be able to connect directly to Elon Musk’s satellite internet

    Starlink V2: T-Mobile phones will be able to connect directly to Elon Musk's satellite internet

    T-Mobile reported that it reached an agreement with Starlink to provide Internet connectivity in areas that are outside the coverage network of the telephone company. The new plan called Coverage Above and Beyond will allow users to connect directly to the satellite Internet network of the company of billionaire Elon Musk.

    With this new package, customers with a T-Mobile line and the corresponding plan will be able to browse at speeds between 2 and 4 Megabits per second.

    With this connection speed, users should not experience any inconvenience when sending multimedia messages or using messaging applications. The only technical requirement to be able to connect to the network will be that the user is at a point with a clear sky and that you do not have traditional coverage in the area where you are.

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    According to information published by T-Mobile through a press release, service will be available throughout the continental United States, Hawaii, certain areas of Alaska, Puerto Rico and territorial waters.

    The new service is expected to be available, in a beta phase, from the end of the year 2023 in certain specific areas. In addition, Mike Sievert, CEO of T-Mobile, indicated that he hopes that in the future the relationship with Starlink will be even closer, so that they can directly include data plans among their service offerings for their customers.

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    “We’ve always thought differently about what it means to keep customers connected, and that’s why we’re working with the best to deliver coverage beyond anything customers have seen before,” Sievert said.

    They highlighted that As part of this service, users will not have to buy any additional devices or pay any kind of extra beyond the plan Well, the vast majority of phones on the T-Mobile network are already compatible with this type of connection.

    The vast majority of smartphones already on T-Mobile’s network will be compatible with the new service. using the device’s existing radio. They will not need to buy additional equipment”, they explain.

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    For his part, Elon Musk indicated that this type of agreement shows that there is no area in the world that cannot have this type of service. At the same time, he expressed his excitement at being able to offer Internet connection to users in remote areas, something that is one of Starlink’s main objectives.

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