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    Sonos Roam Colours, or how to take our favorite songs on the road with great style

    There are not a few music lovers who are also lovers of sound quality, and that is why they prefer to listen to their favorite albums in physical format, either on the turntable or on a CD player. But even they will recognize that being able to listen to the song you want, when you want and where you want, is a luxury especially when you are on vacation. And it is that the soundtracks of our lives can make any moment better, more special. If you are on the beach, in the pool or in the countryside in a rural house, those hits are missed and one would give everything to be able to listen to them, even if it is with the mobile. The key is to listen to all that music not with the mobile but through the mobile (or in your case with a tablet or computer), connecting it to a good speaker that, in addition to great sound quality, offers maximum comfort. And in that sense, the Sonos Roam covers all the needs, including another that never hurts when we go on the road: style. The leading sound brand Sonos has just launched a new series of Roam speakers in different colours, so that every music lover can take their music wherever they want with a stylish touch and their own personality.

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    Now available for 199 euros in three new shades, Olive, Wave and Sunset in addition to the classic black and white, Sonos Roam is a perfect speaker to express our individuality through more ways apart from music.Inspired by journeys to exotic landscapes and remote oases, Roam’s new colors are as versatile as the speaker itself, complementing interior and exterior styles while harmonizing with the rest of the Sonos system. This ultra-portable companion lets you stream your music over WiFi and Bluetooth, with the durability to enjoy it anywhere. Picnics, campfires watching meteor showers, walks on the beach or in the mountains, the Sonos Roam Colors have it all to satisfy the need for music by being light, ideal size to carry in the bag and waterproof.These little travel companions withstand direct sun thanks to a resistant material that It’s also drop-proof and IP67-rated against dust, allowing you to enjoy more than ten hours of songs, radio stations, audiobooks and more from your favorite regular streaming services thanks to its long-lasting battery. and rechargeable. As in its big brother, the Sonos Move, the sound quality is very high, and thanks to automatic Trueplay technology, the speaker modulates it depending on the environment and the content being listened to, guaranteeing the most faithful reproduction of vocal frequencies. mids and enhances low frequencies. It has integrated buttons with a subtle aesthetic design on the device itself to control volume and repertoire, and can be controlled by voice and connect to Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant. Also, if used in a home where there are more Sonos products, it offers a new feature that allows you to pass the sound from one speaker to another, pressing and holding the play/pause button to send the music to the nearest one.


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