TechnologySeveral Spanish newspapers suffer problems due to pro-Russian computer attacks

    Several Spanish newspapers suffer problems due to pro-Russian computer attacks

    Image from the channel of the pro-Russian group NoName057 in which the cyberattacks are attributed.
    Image from the channel of the pro-Russian group NoName057 in which the cyberattacks are attributed.

    Several Spanish newspapers, including The world, Expansion and abc, have suffered computer attacks in the last hours that have made it impossible or generated technical problems in accessing their web pages. The perpetrators of said sabotage would be the pro-Russian hacker group NoName057, according to the newspaper abcwhich began to suffer failures that prevented users from identifying with their password in the early hours of this Tuesday. The Spanish He also denounces that he has received these same attacks during the morning that have prevented his readers from accessing normally.

    This is not the first case of computer attacks that has been recorded in recent days. On Sunday, during the elections, the same group paralyzed the websites of the Ministry of the Interior, INE, the Electoral Board and Moncloa, in addition to temporarily taking down the pages of Renfe or Sociobus transport companies.

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    The NoName057 group has been claiming responsibility for these attacks against Spanish organizations and media on its Telegram channel for several days. “Plus ultra (beyond the limit) is what is written on the coat of arms of Spain. Unfortunately, the Spanish government misinterprets the official motto of its country, adopted by Charles V in 1492, and goes beyond the limits of its stupidity,” the group wrote this Tuesday along with the announcement that it had also hacked the page of the Royal House.

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    In the same message, reference was made to sending tanks and weapons to the Ukrainian army. The aid from the Spanish Government to Ukraine is the reason why this group of hackers has Spain in its sights. “Pro-Russian does not mean they are Russian, they could even be Spaniards who sympathize with Putin. In fact, they began to act from the beginning of the war, and often in their messages where they claim responsibility for the attacks they talk about the invasion”, explains the cybersecurity expert Marcelino Madrigal. “They don’t ask for money, because their attacks are small and easy to control. Their goal is purely ideological, ”he adds.

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    The attack consisted of what is known as DDos (abbreviations in English for distributed denial of service attack), a technique that consists of sending massive traffic to a website to collapse it. That would be the conclusion of the investigation by the Cybersecurity Coordination Office (OCC) and the General Information Commissioner, according to the abcwhose cyberattack has been perpetrated by the same hacker group that has knocked down several newspapers this Tuesday.

    Currently, the Interior website still does not work, although the Ministry attributes the error to maintenance work.

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    Source: EL PAIS

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