TechnologyScientists Think Aliens Could Be Using Black Holes As Quantum Computers

    Scientists Think Aliens Could Be Using Black Holes As Quantum Computers

    Amid the growing search for clues to find evidence of intelligent life in our universe, A team of German-Georgian researchers has proposed that to find advanced extraterrestrial civilizations you have to think like they suspect that they could consider making use of artificially created black holes as quantum computers.

    The traditional search for signs of life, as done by organizations like SETI, focuses on detecting electromagnetic radiation (for example, gamma rays or radio waves), such as the famous “Wow signal,” which was detected by a radio telescope.

    However, physicists Gia Dvali, from the Max Planck Institute, and Zaza Osmanov, from the Free University of Tbilisi, believe it is worth considering the possibility of advanced civilizations using black holes as quantum computersaccording to an article that is being reviewed for publication in the journal Journal of Astrobiology.

    If it is correct, the hypothesis would not only solve the Fermi paradox – which questions why we have not yet found life in other parts of the universe– but it would make sense from a computational point of view, also offering an explanation for the apparent lack of activity that we see when we observe the cosmos.

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    However, the idea is still, at least for now, an extravagant hypothesis, although it adds one more element to the range of possibilities in the search for intelligent life.

    “Currently, we mainly look for radio messages, and there have been several attempts to study the sky to find the so-called Dyson sphere candidates, mega-structures built around the stars,” the physicists explained to UniverseToday. “On the other hand, the problem is so complex that all possible channels should be tried“.

    “A whole ‘spectrum’ of technosignatures could be much broader: for example, the infrared or optical emission from megastructures also built around pulsars, white dwarfs, and black holes. A completely new ‘direction’ must be the search for anomalous spectral variability of these technosignatures, which could distinguish them from normal astrophysical objects,” they added.

    Specifically, Dvali and Osmanov believe that, given the advantages of quantum computing – including the ability to process information exponentially faster than digital computing and being immune to decryption – sufficiently advanced extraterrestrials – at least Type III civilizations of the Kardashev scale – they would use it and on a large scale.

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    “No matter how advanced a civilization is or how different its particle composition and chemistry are from ours, we are unified by the laws of quantum physics and gravity. These laws tell us that the most efficient stores of quantum information are black holes,” Dvali and Osmanov told UniverseToday.

    “Although our recent studies show that, theoretically, there may be devices created by non-gravitational interactions that also saturate information storage capacity (so-called “saturons”), black holes are the clear champions. Consequently, any sufficiently advanced aliens are expected to use them to store and process information,” they added.

    The idea is based on a concept developed by astrophysicist Roger Penrose, who suggested in the 1980s that black holes could be a virtually unlimited source of energy.. Thus, according to the researchers, small artificially created black holes could act as capacitors for quantum information.

    Better still, the researchers propose that the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, located in Antarctica, could technically detect the technosignatures emanating from these highly energetic black hole quantum computers thanks to the special type of radiation they would release, essentially neutrinos and photons.

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    “Until now, we have completely overlooked a natural direction for SETI in the form of high-energy neutrinos and other particles produced by Hawking radiation from artificial black holes,” the authors told UniverseToday.

    “This is just one potential example of a very exciting new direction for SETI,” they added.

    In summary, It is a new and seductive theory: have we been tuned to the wrong channel? Could a new search for the radiation emitted by artificial black holes lead us to the solution of the Fermi paradox?

    Whatever happens, andt is tempting to think that this will be the key to finally finding intelligent life beyond our planet.. However, until there is real confirmation, or at least a little proof that turns our idea of ​​the universe upside down, the Fermi paradox persists.

    Edited by Felipe Espinosa Wang.

    Source: La Opinion

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