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    PS5 restock at Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy…: when in October would it reach each retailer

    Video game lovers will be able to take advantage of this October to purchase the Sony PS5 at their nearest retail store. This is possible thanks to the largest stores in the country plan to receive a restock of the console during the course of the month.

    The arrival of the devices coincides with a demand stagnationwhile the offer of consoles by the Japanese company has been slightly improved. This has allowed the number of PS5s available to be sufficient for stores to replenish their inventories..

    According to information published by the Pushsquare website, which has been tracking console restocks, it is expected that In the next few days, chain stores such as Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, PlayStation Direct, Target and Walmart will receive new batches of PS5. This restock would include both the disc version whose official price is $499 dollars, as well as the digital version of $399 dollars.

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    The restocks should occur during the course of the month, however, at the moment there is no precise date for each of them. This means that users should stay alert to the websites of each of the aforementioned retailers to know when the new consoles arrive.

    Currently the only stores that have equipment availability are Amazon and Walmart in the case of the disc version, while for the digital version there are only units at GameStop (in a physical store) and at Walmart.

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    There are multiple problems that have made it difficult for a good part of gamers to acquire the PS5. One of them is the lack of components that has forced Sony to lower its production expectations.

    This in turn created what is known as a bottleneck, where equipment supply was insufficient to meet market demand. Added to this is the fact that during the first months, in many cases, the little availability of consoles was bought by people who wanted to resell them.

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    For it they used bots that were in charge of entering web pages such as Amazon or Walmart and placing large orders automatically. In this way, in a matter of seconds, they were able to destroy all the stock in the stores and then put the PS5 on sale for up to triple its initial price.

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