TechnologyPS5: how is the new version that is being managed

    PS5: how is the new version that is being managed

    PS5: how is the new version that is being managed

    New reports indicate that Sony could be working on an improved version of the PlayStation 5 and that this could soon reach the market. The main change that the new console would incorporate would be a removable disk drive.

    Analyst Tom Henderson indicated that according to the information that the new version of the PS5 handles, it would use a unit that would connect via USB-C to the console, so it could easily be removed if necessary. It is speculated that its release date could be around September of next year, however, it is unknown under what name it would arrive and if this could be PS5 Pro continuing the mechanics that Sony has used with previous releases.

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    If the news about this possible new PS5 model is confirmed, this could mean the end of the current versions of Sony’s fifth-generation consolewhich come in an edition that includes an integrated disk drive and another that only has the capacity to process games in digital format.

    Thus Sony would seek to put an end to the duality that currently exists in terms of the formats that each of its versions support. Henderson clarifies that the removable disk drive would be sold separately, so in practice users would be buying a computer that could only read digital games.

    A positive aspect that this change could generate is the fact that it would facilitate the repair process of the console if necessary, since the disc reader unit is precisely the one that usually generates the most problems because it is a component that It has pieces that are in constant motion. It should be noted that this would not be the biggest modification that the PS5 has experienced to date.

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    Since its launch, Sony has launched a new unit on the market that has a more efficient and smaller heat sink system., as well as a new motherboard. The analyst points out that although it is difficult to know what the new version of the PS5 will look like, it is most likely that it will be very similar to the current digital edition of the console.

    It is estimated that, since its launch at the end of 2020, Sony has sold some 21.7 million units of the PS5 despite the availability problems caused by the lack of processors that have affected the technology industry as a result of the covid-19 pandemic.

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