TechnologyPro-Russian separatists block Google in eastern Ukraine

    Pro-Russian separatists block Google in eastern Ukraine

    Google continues to suffer pressure from Russia and its allies. The authorities of the Donetsk People’s Republic (RPD), controlled by pro-Russians in eastern Ukraine, have reported this Friday that they have made the decision to block access to search engine in the territory they control. Denis Pushilinhead of the self-proclaimed republic, has pointed out that the decision has been taken given that Google “promotes terrorism and violence against Russians and, especially, the population of Donbas.”

    “I believe that this situation should not be tolerated any longer. We have decided to block Google in the territory of the DPR », he pointed out on his channel of the Telegram messaging application. “Today, the West and Ukraine are putting unprecedented pressure on Russia and posing a psychological and physical threat,” Pushilin said.

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    The idea of ​​​​the countries favorable to Ukraine, as he explained, is to “intimidate the inhabitants of the DPR”: “We are sure that we will succeed because it is impossible to end the Russian spirit. It is also impossible to remain impassive in this situation.

    “The inhumane propaganda of Ukraine and the West has crossed all lines. There is a real persecution of the Russians, an imposition of lies and disinformation. At the forefront of this is Google as a search engine, which follows the orders of the US government and promotes terrorism and violence against Russians, “says the pro-Russian leader.

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    Pushilin has pointed out that this restriction may be lifted if Google “stops applying its criminal policies and returns to the course of the law, morality and common sense.” ABC has contacted the technology to consult the company’s position regarding the blockade. At the moment there has been no response.

    A pulse the technology of the West

    Throughout the war, Moscow has taken steps to block access to most major Western social networks from within Russian territory, as has been the case with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Other tools, such as TikTok or Spotify, have made the decision to limit their services voluntarily.

    Google, so far, has been spared the burn. To a large extent, thanks to its enormous presence in the country and that YouTube is one of the favorite social platforms of Russians. The Kremlin, however, has tried to pressure the search engine to bow to its demands regarding the removal of content related to the conflict with successive million-dollar fines. The most recent was this week and reached 360 million dollars.


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