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    OpenAI will pay up to $20,000 to users who detect bugs in ChatGPT

    OpenAI released a Bug Bounty program for its ChatGPT natural language model. This program will reward users who identify bugs or vulnerabilities in the ChatGPT code with payments of up to $20,000 for each bug found.

    The goal of this program is to improve the security and performance of the OpenAI natural language model in a faster and more effective way. Initial rewards will start at $200 and will vary depending on the type of issue found.

    OpenAI has chosen Bugcrowd, a leading bug bounty platform, to manage the submission and bounty process. According to a company press release.

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    “We have partnered with Bugcrowd to manage the submission and reward process, which is designed to ensure a streamlined experience for all participants. The OpenAI Bug Bounty program is a way to recognize and reward valuable insights from security researchers that contribute to keeping our technology and our company safe ”, they indicated from OpenAI.

    The OpenAI Bug Bounty program joins a number of other similar programs that have been launched by tech companies in recent years. These programs not only help improve the security and performance of technologies, but also promote the participation and collaboration of the information security research community.

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    According to the OpenAI bounty page on Bugcrowd, a total of 25 vulnerabilities have been identified in the ChatGPT code so far.. These vulnerabilities have created a average reward of $752.94 dollars for security researchers who have discovered and reported them through the OpenAI Bug Bounty program.

    This information demonstrates the success of the OpenAI Bug Bounty program in identifying and remediating vulnerabilities in its technology. In addition, it shows the company’s commitment to the security and performance of its market-leading AI.

    It is important to note that rewards for vulnerability identification may vary depending on the severity and impact of the vulnerability found. However, the rewards offered by OpenAI are an example of the value placed on the participation of the information security research community in improving the technology.

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