TechnologyNew version of WhatsApp could block screenshots

    New version of WhatsApp could block screenshots

    New version of WhatsApp could block screenshots

    The function that will allow prevent a user from taking a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation. The latest beta version of the application includes a tool that could be the first step in this direction.

    According to information published by the WaBetaInfo web portal, dedicated to filtering the next functions of WhatsApp, the courier is testing a system that prevents temporary image capture from taking place sent via chat.

    In this case when trying to save a copy of the received message WhatsApp takes care of showing a black screen. This makes any attempt to take a screenshot unsuccessful.

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    Along with this, the application displays a message on the screen that reads that capturing that message is prohibited.

    From what is known so far This security functionality is available both on devices with iOS and Android operating systems. that have the beta version of WhatsApp. They clarified that for now not all beta testers, as users are known, who test updates before they are available to the general public, have been able to access the new feature.

    It must be remembered that in the month of August the Mark Zuckerberg announced that WhatsApp developers were working on a feature that would prevent users from taking screenshots. without the consent of the person who originally sent the message.

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    “WhatsApp is launching a new version of seeing images and videos once to prevent people from taking a screenshot or making a screen recording, and it is available for some beta testers who have the latest version,” they indicate from WaBetaInfo.

    Likewise, they clarify that in those cases in which a screenshot is attempted, the person who sent the message will not receive any alert in this regard, since the system will only be in charge of preventing the capture from occurring successfully.

    It was also learned that the feature will be enabled by default, so users won’t have to worry about having to set their device to prevent captures.

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