TechnologyNew system that turns discarded plastic into fuel, invented by a young...

    New system that turns discarded plastic into fuel, invented by a young Chilean engineer

    Claudio Alvarez, a young engineering student, created an automated system capable of turning discarded plastic into fuel. The project is part of Alvarez’s degree work, who is seeking to obtain a degree in Automation and Robotics Engineering.

    The idea of ​​the student is to take advantage of the discarded material to give it an efficient use by converting it into a fuel that is also very low cost, which is extremely important taking into account the high prices of fuel today.

    Alvarez explained that one of the reasons that led him to develop this type of technology is to try to help solve the problem generated by the pollution caused by discarded plastic that is not recycled.

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    He explained that the process to carry out his idea required multiple steps since it is a complex task.That is why the first thing he did was a model of how the system works. After this he proceeded to devise a mechanism with which he could automate and monitor, in such a way that he could speed up the process as much as possible.

    All this was carried out after carrying out an in-depth investigation in order to know what type of plastic he should use to achieve his objective. (high and low density polyethylene and polypropylene). He also had to investigate to find out the temperature that the plastic would have to reach in order to be transformed, through different processes, into fuel.

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    “The condensation temperature of the gases emitted by the project is also a research topic and they are placed at intervals. I investigated the automation materials, the sensors based on the temperatures that I was going to use, the refrigeration systems”, he explained.

    He said that although he still does not have anything defined on how he will proceed from now on, he hopes to be able to patent his invention or even be able to sell it. to a multinational company that can implement the technology to improve the plastic recycling process.

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    “Obviously it can be taken to a more industrial plant, it can be done in broad strokes. The support or sponsorship of a company or someone who finances it would be missing, ”he added.

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    Source: La Opinion

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