TechnologyNew Spy Tech Can Alter Video From Surveillance Cameras In Real Time

    New Spy Tech Can Alter Video From Surveillance Cameras In Real Time

    A new spy technology is causing fear internationally, since it is capable of accessing any smart camera and manipulating both audio and video.

    According to an investigation by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz this technology was developed by Tokathe company of a former Israeli defense force cyber chief, and is sold to government intelligence agencies.

    Although this tool has been sold since 2018 to global states, recently the true power of this tool has been revealed of top hacking.

    The software, which has been compared to author George Orwell’s Big Brothercan transform untapped (Internet of Things) sensors into sources of intelligence for the sake of operational and intelligence needs, according to internal company documents obtained by Haaretz.

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    This technology also allows users to discover and access security and smart cameras that help to evaluate a certain area. You can also geolocate vehicles wirelessly.

    Another of the characteristics and perhaps the most important of the program is that You can also delete or change images in real time, what it calls masking of on-site activities for undercover operations.

    A company spokesperson told Haaretz that “Toka conducts a rigorous annual review and approval process that is guided by international corruption indicesRule of Law and civil liberties and has the help of external advisors with extensive and reputable experience in anti-corruption practices.”

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    The Toka worker added that its only clients are “USA. and his closest allies… Toka does not sell to private customers or individuals.”

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    Source: La Opinion

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