TechnologyNew Privacy Policy of WhatsApp: Should You Switch to Signal or Telegram?

    New Privacy Policy of WhatsApp: Should You Switch to Signal or Telegram?

    On Wednesday (January 05/2021 ) WhatsApp users receive a POP UP directing Users to accept the new  privacy policy of WhatsApp, failing which they will be unable to use the app, whereas  the majority of users accept without checking, in that  policy WhatsApp has marked 8th February 2021 as a deadline for accepting its new  norm. 

    What is this New Policy? 

    The updated new term of service all users are giving access to their WhatsApp data and it depends upon them how the company processes it. The new terms also include  how businesses can use Facebook own services to store and manage WhatsApp  chat. 

    Cross-platform messaging service WhatsApp was bought by Facebook in 2014 so a  gradual change in the way it accesses to use the data the social networking company  is now showing WhatsApp users to accept their new policy or leave it to option with  the latest policy update but there is a contradiction what company promise users  back in 2014 during the acquisition by the Facebook when WhatsApp showed that  its goal is as little as possible. 

    Now from 8th Feb 2021 the User is left with only one option that if users don’t want  to share their data with the parent company then they can uninstall the APP and stop  using the service. 

    Since this news break a new trend has formed and now the users have started moving  to other platforms and messenger APPs because the new policy is hindering their  privacy droughts which have cropped in their minds that all the data of the users  using WhatsApp may be leaked and the privacy of people may be leaked. Which is  raising so many questions? What is this New Update? and What Exactly the changes  are?

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    Many of us believe that WhatsApp’s new update is demanding too much whereas  some have a point of view that they are just explaining the policy in a bit detail. 

    Whereas WhatsApp says that the chats will remain encrypted which means that they  cannot see your messages or share them with anyone. But the new policy suggests  an increasing reliance on other Facebook products. WhatsApp new privacy policy  notes when user relay on third party services or other Facebook company product  that are integrated with their services that the third party receives any information  what you or other share with them e.g. if you share to play content from a third party  platform then the information such as IP address and the fact that you are a  WhatsApp user may be provided to a third party in question or another Facebook company product. It has also clarified that when someone is using third-party  services and other Facebook company products their own term and privacy policy  will govern your use of those services and products. They also mention that the  information exchange will include to improve relevant offers and adds across the  Facebook company products. 

    What Type of Hardware Information is WhatsApp collecting? 

    Now WhatsApp says it collecting information from your device like battery level,  signal strength, app version, browser information, mobile network, connection  information this also includes phone number, your mobile operator and ISP,  language and Time zone, IP address device operation information, and identifiers  which also includes identifiers unique to Facebook company products associated  with the same account or device and these all things were not mentioned in the  previous policy. 

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    What If I Uninstall my WhatsApp? 

    Yes you can uninstall WhatsApp but your data will be stored by the company, if you  want that your data should not be stored with WhatsApp at all first you need to 

    delete your WhatsApp account and then uninstall the APP itself from your device  however they also have a rider if you delete your account that will not affect your  information from the groups you have created or the Groups you are part of or the  information another user has relating to you such as the copy of the messages you  sent them. 

    Alternatives to WhatsApp 

    1. Signal is very simple to use. You can use it for messaging, calls, and video  calling so you will not miss WhatsApp, in that case, it includes a desktop  installation file so you can use the app on your computer as well, as you use  WhatsApp. All messages are encrypted so only sender and receiver can read  them, they are completely unreadable for hackers it uses open-source  encryption it allows experts to test and find bugs that make the App more  secure user can enable to let messages disappear by setting a time interval for  automatic deletion this guarantee privacy if someone else has access to your  phone. Signals have no animated emoji whereas you can import your  device emoji’s into the app. 

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    1. Threema promises complete privacy of your contact list and group  information will be stored solely on your phone, not on the App message that has  been deleted soon after it has been delivered, they provide 8 digits unique. Threema ID instead of a phone number to protect your privacy. You can verify  contact by special QR Codes they provide encryption for all message types  including text shared files and group chats. You can securely use Threema into  your browsers like whatsApp people can create live polls and feed but  Threema is a paid app

    1. Telegram already has 200 million active users and the most popular  alternative to WhatsApp. It is a cloud-based app that works across multiple  platforms similar to WhatsApp it uses a two tick policy as a delivery note. The  app feature default into encryption for voice calls ensuring that no one can  ever listen to your calls whereas the encryption for messages needs manually  turned on to prevent the storage like signals telegram delete messages after  a certain time it also supports multimedia file sharing 

    Now if you will not accept the privacy policy of WhatsApp you will not be able to use  it again it seems that users will not compromise on their privacy and will move on to other Apps available in App stores.

    Bazezew Zerihun
    Bazezew Zerihun
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