TechnologyMicrosoft revealed that Outlook failures were due to an attack carried out...

    Microsoft revealed that Outlook failures were due to an attack carried out by hackers

    Microsoft reported that the outages experienced by Outlook earlier this month, which affected more than 18,000 users, were caused by a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, for its acronym in English). This type of attack is a malicious technique that seeks to disrupt or render online services inaccessible by flooding them with high volumes of traffic from multiple sources.

    DDoS attacks are executed through the use of a network of compromised devices, known as “botnets.”, which are controlled by the attackers. These devices may include personal computers, servers, routers, or other devices connected to the Internet. When a DDoS attack is initiated, the attackers send a large number of connection requests to the victim, overloading their network resources and causing a service interruption..

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    In the case of Outlook, this DDoS attack affected a large number of users, causing access problems and difficulties sending and receiving emails. Microsoft has stated that they are working to mitigate the effects of the attack and fully restore service.

    It is presumed that the DDoS attack on Outlook was carried out by a group known as “Anonymous Sudan”, since they assumed responsibility for the hack. However, it is important to note that so far this information is mere speculation and has not been officially confirmed. “Anonymous Sudan” is a faction allegedly linked to the “Anonymous” hacktivist collective, which has been prominent in the past for carrying out various actions online with political or social motivations.

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    The full extent of the impact of this attack on affected users is not yet known.. Microsoft is actively investigating the incident to determine the extent of the outage and the potential consequences for Outlook users.

    It is essential to stress the importance of staying informed about online security measures and following the recommendations of service provider companies. In situations like this, it is essential that users take extra precautions to protect their personal information and be aware of possible official announcements about the incident and the actions to be taken to mitigate the associated risks.

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