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    Meta designed a program to remove child pornography and terrorist content from Facebook automatically

    Meta announced that it has developed a new software capable of preventing the dissemination of terrorist content and child pornography. The program called Hasher-Matcher-Actiones (HMA) allows you to block the spread of illegal content on digital platforms like Facebook.

    From the company they affirmed that they hope that this software It can also help other companies to fight against the spread of this kind of content that violates the law. and it goes against the policies of any type of platform.

    “We hope that the tool, called Hasher-Matcher-Actioner (HMA), will be adopted by a number of companies to help them stop the spread of terrorist content on their platforms, and will be especially useful for smaller companies that do not have the same resources than the largest ones”, they said from Meta.

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    Because Meta’s objective is to stop the proliferation of terrorist content and child exploitation, they announced that the HMA will be available completely free of charge to all those companies that wish to use it to more effectively moderate their web platforms.

    As explained from the social network HMA works by creating a kind of fingerprint of any type of file that represents a violation of the content rules of a platform. Later the system performs an in-depth search of all published content by users and in case of finding matches proceed to mark it so that those responsible for the platform can take the corresponding action.

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    This means that HMA can be used to further moderate the content that users post because it can be used to flag content that may or may not be linked to terrorism or child exploitation.

    In Meta they add that the more companies start using HMA, the easier it will be to spot inappropriate content which will result in safer browsing.

    “The more companies that participate in the hash-sharing database, the better and more comprehensive it becomes, and the better off we all are at keeping terrorist content off the internet, especially since people will often move from platform to platform to share this. content,” they add.

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    Source: La Opinion

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