TechnologyMesDepanneurs, Depanneo: these platforms that provide you with scam-free troubleshooting

    MesDepanneurs, Depanneo: these platforms that provide you with scam-free troubleshooting

    In the middle of summer, it’s hard to know where to turn for repairs. Between craftsmen’s holidays and customers’ fears, networking platforms remain trusted alternatives.

    During the summer, troubleshooting needs can quickly become a source of anxiety. A craftsman on leave, an intervention to be carried out at his vacation spot, the landmarks of the victims are often turned upside down. This is why the platforms for connecting with convenience stores experience their greatest influx during the summer.

    “June, July and August is our biggest season, confirms Eliahou Sadoun, the manager of Depanneo. In general, we see a 30-40% increase in requests over this period.”

    A blatant distrust of the profession

    Founded in 2013 and 2016, – since acquired by Engie – and Depanneo appear as specialists in the sector. These two platforms make it possible to meet the needs of people in need. A power outage, a water leak or a slammed door. These companies assure you a quick contact with a craftsman near you. Above all, going through these third parties guarantees a scam-free intervention.

    “When you hear troubleshooting, you hear scam today,” laments Yasmine Amri, the head of the craftsman service at

    In January 2020, an Ifop survey for Hop Dépannage highlighted a blatant distrust of convenience stores. In the lead, locksmiths with 54% of French people saying they do not trust them. Plumbers ready to rush in for a leak are barely better off, with a third of consumers being wary of them.

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    Often, it is the prices that generate the most dissatisfaction. This is why and Depanneo have set up a price list for interventions. Each craftsman must do so in order to receive requests for intervention from both platforms.

    Ensure seriousness and technical quality

    “For each type of breakdown, we look at the price of the parts, estimate the necessary intervention time and add the travel costs, explains Yasmine Amri. If a quote falls outside the announced price range, an alert is triggered and the craftsman must justify this difference.

    In most cases, it is an error in the initial diagnosis made by the client. But beyond the price, the platforms also ensure the seriousness or the technical quality of its service providers. In addition to the ten documents to be provided to integrate the two networks, research is carried out to verify the background of the craftsmen.

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    It takes a minimum of two years of activity to collaborate with Depanneo, which manages between 15,000 and 20,000 intervention requests per month. A duration which corresponds to the current cycle between the creation and the closure of ill-intentioned building companies. “Before two years, we don’t have enough hindsight to ensure the seriousness of the company”, specifies Eliahou Sadoun, the manager of Depanneo.

    Detailed monitoring of interventions

    For its part, requires only one year of activity, but relies on an automated legal watch. It certifies the veracity and validity of legal documents, while guaranteeing the absence of legal disputes against a craftsman.

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    During their integration, companies are also tested as to their skills. During the first months, a small number of repairs are entrusted to them with a detailed follow-up of their intervention. even carries out technical interviews based on scenarios.

    Thanks to these precautions, the users of these services can have full confidence in the person who will troubleshoot them. Depanneo also makes sure of this by contacting 50 to 70% of the victims by telephone after the passage of one of its employees. With a satisfaction rate of 96%, is helping to “restore the image of craftsmanship”, as Yasmine Amri, head of the company’s craftsman department, welcomes.

    Source: BFM TV

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