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    Lensa: how is the app that can turn selfies into works of art using Artificial Intelligence

    The use of artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be becoming widespread, especially in mobile applications for photo editing and Lensa seems to be proof of this.. This app uses AI to artistically edit selfies taken by users so that they can become works of art.

    The app, which is somewhat reminiscent of FaceApp, offers a wide variety of editing modes ranging from free options, to some that users have to pay for to be able to use.

    “The app has plenty of filters for pictures to get the perfect selfie, remove any blurry background, or do any other necessary editing. With its simple functions and photo effects, you can make every photo perfect 365 days a year”, say those responsible for the application.

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    Prisma Labs, the developers of Lensa, explain that the app works from Stable Diffusion, an automatic learning systemas AI is also known, which offers the possibility of editing photos with a high level of detail.

    Among the editing options that Lensa offers are editing the face of the person in the photograph, the background, the color, the luminosity or any other element that is present in the image. While both iOS and Android users can use the app without paying a single dollar, the best features are reserved for those who are willing to pay for premium subscriptions.

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    The use of artificial intelligence is not something new in photo editing applications, since they have been using this type of technology for a long time. In this way they achieve improve the user’s ability to alter photographs and achieve the desired result.

    Editing programs widely recognized by the public such as Photoshop also make use of AI to speed up the work of professional editors when applying certain filters.

    “This intelligent use of technology allows you to work faster than ever, so you have much more time to be creative,” they say from Adobe.

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    Artificial intelligence is also present in other photo editing applications available for mobile phones such as Remini and RemoveBG.which have hundreds of thousands of downloads in the app stores.

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