TechnologyiOS 16.1.2: what new features does the new version of Apple's operating...

    iOS 16.1.2: what new features does the new version of Apple’s operating system include?

    iOS 16.1.2: what new features does the new version of Apple's operating system include?

    Apple unveiled iOS 16.1.2 on Wednesday the latest version of your mobile operating system. The update, which weighs about 340 MB, brings some improvements at the level of security and compatibility with wireless carriers.

    The release of this update also comes barely three weeks after version 16.1.1 was presented, which suggests that Apple continues to debug the bugs that its operating system has been presenting.

    Apple reported that among the flaws that were resolved in this new stable version of iOS are the false detections of accidents that had been occurring on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. This comes after a significant number of users reported that the accident detection function, which automatically calls 911 in case of detecting a crash, was activated by mistake when riding roller coasters.

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    From Apple they detailed that iOS 16.1.2 is available for the iPhone 8 and all subsequent versions.

    In order to download this update, users must enter the configuration panel, go to the general option and access the software update menu. At this point they must press the download and install button and then follow the instructions that will appear on the phone screen.

    The bugs in iOS have not been the only problem that Apple has had to face In recent months, the iPhone 14 hit the market with a significant number of errors to the chagrin of the brand’s fans.

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    One of the most annoying occurred when trying to take a photo using a third-party application such as Instagram. This caused that the equipment lens will begin to vibrate uncontrollably causing the final image to be blurred and unusable.

    Another problem that could be known thanks to the users is that some equipment presented a random sim card read problem what caused that the screen will be frozen without the person being able to do anything to solve it.

    All this had to be addressed by Apple through continuous patches that allowed solving each of these problems that affected people who had just bought the iPhone 14.

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