TechnologyIf you use Discord it is likely that your personal data has...

    If you use Discord it is likely that your personal data has been stolen

    Recently, a disturbing incident broke out in the digital world that has left more than 760,000 users in a state of alarm.. Discord’s custom invites service, which until recently had a strong reputation for security, was victim of a massive hack on August 14.

    However, the general public has only begun to become aware of this alarming situation in recent days.

    The cybercriminals behind this attack have managed to breach system security and access highly sensitive personal information of users. Inside the digital loot are users’ internal identification details, avatars, virtual currency balances, API keys, and registration dates.

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    Nevertheless, the situation is more serious for those users who had premium membershipssince, in addition to the information mentioned, the billing and expiration date of their memberships has also been exposed.

    Leaked data includes items as intimate as usernames, Discord IDs, email addresses, passwords, and billing addresses.. The scale of the leak is alarming, as this information could be used by cybercriminals to carry out a variety of custom attacks and scams targeting affected users.

    After learning about the attack, those responsible for Discord indicated that although a large amount of user data was exposed, everything related to the information of the payment data was not compromised since this database is processed separately by PayPal, the payment gateway used by Discord.

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    The situation has caused a stir in the digital community, generating concern among those affected and users in general. Faced with this situation, cyber security experts have strongly recommended all users to take immediate action to protect their accounts. The platform has issued a crucial recommendation: urgently change passwords to prevent unauthorized access to the respective accounts.

    In the same way, those users who had premium memberships can send an email to [email protected] requesting a refund of their money. for the damage caused by the attack. From the platform they detailed that those who want the refund must explain their situation in the mail so that their refund can be processed.

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