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    If you find a USB flash drive on the street, do not pick it up or you could put yourself at risk

    It is true that The temptation to find a USB flash drive on the street and plug it directly into your computer can be great.. However, it is important to remember that this action can expose you to significant risk, as that drive could have been placed there with malicious intent. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid picking up and connecting USB sticks found in public places.

    Although there is a possibility that the memory is simply a lost flash drive, we must also consider that some hackers use this technique to lure unwary people. These drives could be loaded with viruses, malware, or other malicious software designed to steal personal information, infect your computer, or even take remote control of your system..

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    Unfortunately, these types of attacks have gained momentum in recent years due to the increasing availability of USB devices and a lack of awareness of the associated risks. Many people who find a USB stick on the street put it away without thinking about the possible consequences. and, once home, they connect it to their computers without considering the potential dangers.

    Importantly, hackers have perfected their techniques and can now create USB sticks that appear harmless to the naked eye. These drives can be labeled “Free Gifts” or “Important Documents” to increase their appeal and persuade people to connect them.. Furthermore, they can exploit vulnerabilities in the operating system or use social engineering techniques to convince you to plug in the memory without questioning its origin.

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    By connecting to an unknown USB stick, you risk compromising the security of your personal data, passwords, important files, and even the integrity of your system. A virus or malware can quickly spread through your computer and network, affecting not only your privacy, but also that of other connected devices..

    To protect yourself from these types of attacks, it is essential to follow some good practices. First of all, avoid picking up and plugging in any USB stick found in public places. Instead, if you intend to use a USB stick, purchase a new one from a reputable source. Also, make sure you have up-to-date antivirus software and run regular scans on your devices.

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