TechnologyHow to turn a phone into a surveillance camera

    How to turn a phone into a surveillance camera

    Being able to use an old phone that is collecting dust in a corner of your house can be an excellent optionespecially if you can use it to keep your home safe by turning it into a surveillance camera.

    This, in addition to allowing you to reuse your equipment, offers the benefit that you can also save the money that you would have to use to buy a security camera. which can cost hundreds of dollars. It should be noted that this can be done with both Android and iOS operating system devices.

    In order to turn the phone into a surveillance camera, the person must install an application that allows them to get the most out of their equipment. There is a wide variety of apps on the market that offer the possibility of carrying out this process, some of them are:

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    It has a free version that has a night vision mode and allows record at up to 720p resolution. In its paid version, it has functions that allow it to recognize people, and even establish communication.

    It also has both a free version and a paid version that offers more functions. Among its outstanding features is the fact that can send notifications based on whether the phone’s camera detects motion In the House. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

    Allows you to record surveillance videos from your cell phone and store them in iCloud so that the user does not have to spend extra money paying for dedicated cloud storage. In addition to allowing recording from a cell phone camera it also offers the possibility of using any type of webcam, making it one of the most complete apps on the market.

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    Once the app is downloaded, the process to configure it is relatively easy since, in general, the user only has to establish a connection between the phone that will be used as a camera and his personal cell phone, from where he can see what is happening at home.

    The fundamental requirement to be able to carry out this process is that both must have an Internet connection. so that the link can be made and the video transmission begins.

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