TechnologyHow to know if someone unknown is stealing WiFi

    How to know if someone unknown is stealing WiFi

    Protecting your WiFi network from unknown people who may try to connect to it is a fundamental task for security cuestions and also to guarantee that the user can use all the bandwidth contracted with his Internet provider.

    Something that experts recommend when a person believes that someone else is connecting to their network is check if some unknown device is really accessing it. This process is relatively easy and allows you to know precisely if someone else is using the WiFi network.

    There are several methods for this, the most basic of which is to use the router itself or the modem. This is possible because most routers have a status page or a configuration page that shows all the devices connected to the network.

    On this page you can View things like device names, their IP addresses, and their connection status.

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    Another way to find out who is connected to a Wi-Fi network is by using network scanning software such as Fing or Angry IP scanner, these programs search for devices connected to a network and display information about the found devices, including their IP address and their manufacturer. can also be use mobile apps to scan WiFi networks and see what devices are connected.

    In all these cases It is recommended that the person first disconnect from the network all the devices in their homesince in this way you will be able to avoid readings from your equipment and thus concentrate on the others that could be shown when doing the sweep.

    Once the sweep is done, if the user detects unknown devices connected to their WiFi network, it is best to block their access to the Internet. This can also be done directly from the router’s configuration page.

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    For it is need to make use of a function called access control list (ACL), which is available on all routers on the market regardless of brand or model.

    Here we explain how to create an ACL to block access to your WiFi to any stranger.

    one. Log in to the router using a web browser and the default IP address.

    2. Look for the option security or ACL settings in the router menu.

    3. Create a new access control list or select an existing one to edit it.

    4.toadd the desired filter rules. Each rule must specify an IP address or range of IP addresses, a port or range of ports, and an action (allow or block traffic).

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    For this point, it is important to have the IP address that was previously obtained when performing the scan to detect devices connected to the WiFi network.

    5. Finally applies the access control list to a specific interface on the router. This specifies where incoming traffic will be filtered. Save the changes and reboot the router for the changes to take effect.

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