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    How to keep your identity hidden on Tinder with its new incognito function

    Tinder launched a new incognito mode feature that will now allow users to keep their profiles hidden. Once users activate this option, the only people who will be able to see their profiles will be those they have previously liked in the application.

    This way they will be able to prevent their accounts from appearing in the recommended section of Tinder and thus enjoy greater privacy.

    It should be noted that the incognito mode is only available to those users who have any of the paid subscriptions offered by Tinder such as Tinder +, Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum.

    “Incognito mode is a new way for you to control your app experience. You’ve always been able to hide your profile on Tinder, but we wanted to create a feature that would allow people to hide their profilebut still being able to see everyone else and only show up to the people they like,” said Rory Kozoll, Tinder’s senior vice president of product and integrity, when asked by TechCrunch.

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    Tinder also introduced a new feature that allows users to block other people’s profiles from appearing as recommendations on Tinder again.. Those responsible for the application explained that the idea of ​​this is that users do not have to see the profiles of people with whom they do not want to interact, such as bosses or ex-partners.

    As part of this update Tinder also incorporated a new system to report inappropriate messages to make it easier for users to report in case of receiving any type of inappropriate comment. that violates the rules of the platform.

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    All this will be possible through the “long press reports” option, with which it will only be necessary to hold down a message to be able to report it directly.

    “Over the years, we have introduced security at every step. From trying to understand the authenticity of our members and making sure members are respectful of each other. We see that whole journey as a place where we can help. And so, today, we’re seeing the latest features in that evolution,” added Tinder’s senior vice president of product and integrity.

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