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    How to delete the social media accounts of a person who has passed away

    The death of a loved one is a difficult time for anyone and their family.. Often family and friends want to remember the deceased in the best way possible, and this can include deleting social media accounts.

    Deleting a social media account can be a complicated process, as each platform has its own rules and procedures. Among them is submit documents certifying the death of the account owner.

    In some cases, the alternative of preserving the account is also offered so that family and friends can continue to visit it as if it were a tribute page.

    By following these steps you can delete a social media account of a deceased person:

    Apple requires a death certificate and a copy of the deceased person’s will. They may also request additional information, such as proof of relationship to the deceased person.

    Later you must make an account deletion request. You can do it through the Apple support page or through an email. Be sure to include all the necessary documentation and contact details.

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    Too there is a possibility that Apple may request additional information to confirm your relationship to the deceased person and verify the application. Be sure to answer any questions or requests for additional information as soon as possible.

    After doing all this you must wait for Apple’s response. Once Apple receives the application and the necessary documentation, it will review the application and notify you of its decision.

    Note that, once the account is deleted, no information or content related to the account can be recoveredand any services linked to it, such as iTunes or iCloud, will also be cancelled.

    It is important to mention that, if the deceased person had the “find my” service activated on their device, it will be necessary to deactivate it before deleting the account.

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    Meta, Facebook’s parent company, allows family members of a deceased person to delete their account. For this, the first requirement is send a letter to medium in which they include the death certificate or a legal document that certifies the death of the user in question. This type of document can be a will, a power of attorney or even a birth certificate, in the case of a minor.

    After this the user must follow the steps indicated by the systemwhich will guide you through the entire process in such a way that it is as easy and fast as possible.

    It should be noted that support staff may request additional information in order to proceed with the deletion of the account since they must make sure without fear of a doubt that the user really died.

    The first step to delete the Twitter account of a deceased person is to Download and print the form “Request to delete a deceased account” from the Twitter help page.

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    Once this is done, the user’s relative You must provide a copy of the death certificate of the account holder, in addition to demonstrating through an official document, the link between the two. For this, a will or a succession document can be used.

    After having gathered and organized all this information, the person must send this data to Twitter via email [email protected].

    Once Twitter receives the necessary information, it will review and process the request. The process can take several weeks.

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