TechnologyHow the new televisions without cables or "wireless" work

    How the new televisions without cables or “wireless” work

    The 2023 Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show (CES) witnessed the Introducing the first 4K Wireless OLED TVa piece of equipment that does not need to be connected to a power source as is traditionally the case.

    The television, manufactured by the company Displaceis completely wireless thanks to the fact that inside It has four rechargeable batteries.. The manufacturer ensures that thanks to these batteries the television has an autonomy of approximately 30 daysas long as its daily use is limited to about six hours a day on average.

    They detail that these four batteries can be charged individually while it is still in operation, which is extremely practical since in this way the user can continue watching television at all times.

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    Displace indicated that they expect this TV to reach the market by the end of this year, they added that its price will be $2,099 dollars and it will be available in a single version with a 55-inch 4K OLED screen.

    “Many companies claim to have created a wireless TV when, in reality, what they mean is that they have managed to go from many cables to one cable,” said Balaji Krishnan, founder and CEO of Displace when comparing his product with that of the competition. .

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    The equipment also supports touch technology and voice recognition, so users can control the TV using gestures or voice.

    The fact that the television made by Displace does not have cables is not the only striking point. Besides this the TV has a technology that the company calls active loop vacuum, which allows you to “stick” the TV to any wall without the need for an installation base.

    Krishnan explained that this is because it was essential to the company that the TV could be transported and installed quickly and easily.

    The founder of the company also commented that he hopes that in the future these types of televisions will become devices that can be installed on any wall in the house in such a way that they are as versatile as possible.

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    “To achieve this, it is important to redesign the television, eliminating all the usual frustrations and making it as easy as possible to install it on any surface in the house,” he says.

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