TechnologyHow are the drones that Russia uses now in its invasion of...

    How are the drones that Russia uses now in its invasion of Ukraine

    How are the drones that Russia uses now in its invasion of Ukraine

    The Russian invasion of Ukraine has allowed the world to see first-hand the vast array of state-of-the-art weapons Russia has at its disposal. An example of this are Russian drones that have been seen on the battlefront.

    The main use that the Russian army gives to this type of device is to be able to identify enemy positions which they can later bombard with artillery fire.

    However, if something has become clear in these almost six months of combat, it is that the Russian drones they can be easily shot down by ukrainian units. According to military experts, this situation is due to the fact that it is adevices technologically inferior to those possessed by the rest of the Western countries.

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    Here we explain what the drones used by the Russian army in Ukraine are like:

    It is an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft that does not have attack mechanisms due to its small sizewhich forces her to not have a landing system so she has to rely on a parachute.

    Its maximum load at takeoff is 13 pounds. and to be able to get into the air requires a special launch unit.

    The Orlan-10 are usually deployed by Russian troops in groups of between 2 and 3 unitsso that they can cover a greater radius of action, something that is essential considering that they only have an operational range of just over 75 miles.

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    It is another reconnaissance drone model whose main characteristic is that can be deployed in as little as 3 minutes, which added to its small size of less than a meter, makes it an excellent tool for ground units.

    As part of the recognition systems that this drone has, there is an infrared camera and a 10-megapixel which is also added a Glonass/GPS navigation system.

    Like the Orlan-10, this aircraft also relies on a parachute system to land safely, as it does not have the ability to do so on its own.

    Also known as Pchela-1T Its main objective is to serve as a real-time surveillance device of the battlefront thanks to its video capture capacity.. It is also used by Russian forces for target designation, which is why it is used in combination with different types of weaponry.

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    It is also one of the heaviest drones that the Russian army has because has a weight of more than 300 pounds.

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