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    How Apple’s emergency SOS managed to save the life of a person who plunged off a cliff with his car

    Two people were rescued by authorities after they drove their car off a cliff north of Los Angeles. The rescue was made possible by emergency SOS, Apple’s emergency assistance service that uses a satellite connection.

    It is believed that this It is the first case in which Apple’s new emergency function is capable of saving a person’s lifeproving its effectiveness in life and death situations.

    According to the information published by the authorities, the accident occurred when the car of a couple who was driving through the Los Angeles National Forest when they had the accident. Because they were almost 19 miles into the forest, they did not have cell coverage.which forced them to have to use the function that the new iPhones 14 incorporate.

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    With this function, users with one of these computers they must point their phone in the direction of a satellite associated with the service in order to establish a connection. After doing this, the person’s location is sent to a relay service which then forwards the information to the corresponding emergency agencies (firefighters, police,…) so that they can attend to the eventuality as soon as possible.

    In this case, fire crews from the Los Angeles County Fire Department, as well as sheriffs, were dispatched.

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    “The call center gave us an accurate latitude and longitude for the victims. Rescue 5 was able to locate the victims and insert a paramedic. The paramedic learned that the patients, a man and a woman in their 20s, had mild to moderate injuries. The helicopter was able to lift the victims out of the canyon and transport them to a local area hospital,” authorities said.

    It should be noted that, at least for now, The Emergency SOS function is completely free, so all users who have a phone compatible with this type of technology. However, it is expected that this service will soon become a monthly subscription for users, in such a way that they must pay a fixed fee to be able to use it if they need it.

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    Source: La Opinion

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