TechnologyGoogle TV added 800 free television channels to its service

    Google TV added 800 free television channels to its service

    Google announced that as of this Tuesday it incorporated more than 800 free channels to its Google TV streaming servicewhich can be accessed by using Chromecast.

    The company explained that among the services that will be available as of this week are Fox Tubi, Paramount Global Pluto Tv and Haystack News. With this, Google intends to stand up to other industry giants such as Roku, Apple TV and Amazon, which have been positioning themselves as important players in the content streaming market.

    The main appeal of Google’s announced channel addition lies in the fact that although many of them are available outside of their platform, in most cases they are part of paid packages. This suggests that Google intends to attract such customers by offering you the same channels, but for free.

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    Google indicated that the new channels will be available in the tab known as “Live”where you can also find other streaming offers such as NBC, CBS and Fox.

    At least for now This new channel offer can only be enjoyed if users are in the United States. However, it is very likely that it will later be extended to the rest of the territories in which Google TV is available.

    Google TV is an operating system for televisions developed by Google that offers an improved and simplified entertainment experience.. This platform is based on the Android TV operating system, which has been enhanced with a more intuitive user interface and greater access to streaming content.

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    Google TV allows users to access multiple streaming services, such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and many more, in one place. It also offers personalized recommendations based on user preferences, making it easy to find new and exciting content.

    Besides, Google TV comes integrated with Google Assistant, which means you can control your TV with your voice. You can search for content, change channels, adjust the volume and much more, all without having to lift a finger.

    Another cool feature of Google TV is the ability to integrate live content from your cable or satellite service. This means that you can enjoy your favorite programs in real time and also access the content on demand at the same time.

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