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    Google Maps works on a new trick that will help you save gas

    Google Maps It is one of the most used browsers by drivers globally. In recent years, the platform has been incorporating new features that, among other things, help find cheaper gasoline. Now, everything indicates that the service is working on the arrival of a very useful new functionality that will help users consume less on their journeys.

    According to the specialized portal ‘9to5Google’, the platform is about to start testing a new functionality that will allow the user to choose the most energy efficient route; and it will also do so depending on the type of vehicle in which it travels; that is, a gasoline, diesel, electric or hybrid.

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    Specifically, ‘9to5Google’ has had access to the latest Google Maps beta update, version 11.39. In it, he has discovered some lines of code that indicate that the user of the ‘app’ will be able to specify the type of engine that propels his vehicle.

    Specifically, Google Maps will let you choose between different options: gas, diesel, electric and hybrid. Based on the user’s choice, it will offer the route that allows them to “save the most energy or fuel”. The ‘app’ will also include an option within its settings section to change the type of engine of your vehicle at any time.

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    It should be remembered that, in recent months, the application has been adding other tools. Among the most interesting, we find one that arrived a few days ago on terminals with the Android operating system, and that allows users to check the traffic status easily from the screen of the ‘smartphone’.


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