TechnologyGoogle introduced the new Nest WiFi Pro: price, features and release date

    Google introduced the new Nest WiFi Pro: price, features and release date

    Google introduced the new Nest WiFi Pro: price, features and release date

    Google officially launched el Nest WiFi Pro, a new wireless Internet router that offers fast Internet connection speeds, thanks to the fact that it is compatible with WiFi 6E, one of the most recent standards in the industry. One of its most outstanding features is that it will be able to connect to Matter Hub, Google’s new smart home system.

    This new version of the Google Nest has a design similar to that of its predecessor, with the difference that employs a high-gloss material inspired by ceramics, which gives it a premium finish. According to Google the device is made of almost 60% recycled materialsso it is friendly to the environment.

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    The Nest Wi-Fi Pro will be available, from October 27, in four different versions, all of them with earthy tones called Snow, Linen, Fog and Lemongrass. The idea behind these colors is that they can be easily integrated with the most common tones in any home so that they can go unnoticed.

    One of the advantages offered by the fact that this equipment is compatible with the WiFi 6E protocol is the fact that can take advantage of the 6Ghz band which is usually less saturated. This translates into a best browsing experience and in a better use of the Internet connection, since in this way surprise drops in the connection do not usually occur.

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    From Google they promise that this will allow smartphones compatible with this technology to experience up to twice the connection speed when browsing the web.

    The manufacturer promises that installation and configuration can be done quickly and easilywhile in case of detecting any type of problem, it will notify you through the Google Home App. In the case of families with children, the device will allow you to configure screen times, which once exceeded by the children, will prevent them from continue to use the tablets or whatever device you use to connect.

    Nest WiFi Pro is capable of connecting with most smart home devices in such a way that 4K video calls and home security cameras can be operated simultaneously without any problem.

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    Google details that a single Nest WiFi Pro is capable of covering an area of ​​up to 2,200 square feet. Its price will be $200 dollars per unit, which is higher than the $169 dollars of the previous version.

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