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    Google and Apple could charge commissions for purchases or sales made on Twitter

    Elon Musk’s plan to turn Twitter into a platform where users can pay for subscriptions like Twitter Blue to get additional benefits could soon face two major players in Google and Apple.

    To understand this, one must remember that Twitter is in the app stores for both Android and iOSwhich makes it easy for anyone to download your app without problems. Until now, the social network had been able to enjoy an agreement in which it was not necessary for them to pay anything to stay there.something that would be about to change.

    This is because both companies cThey work a percentage of up to 30% for all those transactions made from the apps that are hosted on their servers. This means that if the rules of these companies are followed, 30% of the $7.99 that users will pay for Twitter Blue or any other operation will have to go to Google and Apple accounts, not Twitter accounts.

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    According to calculations made by Mark Gurman, a journalist and analyst for the technology source, assuming that only 1% of the 250 million daily active users on Twitter dedicate subscribe to Twitter Blue that would imply a total of 2.5 million peoplewhich in practical terms would translate into nearly $240 million annually in revenue.

    However, taking into account the 30% commission from Apple and the 15% charged by Google, this would mean that the manzanita company could pocket about $72 million dollarswhile the search engine company could receive about $36 million annually.

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    “Obviously, that number is financially irrelevant to Apple or Google, but it could be seen as a costly fee for Musk, who acknowledged that he overpaid for the social network. The fees, therefore, could put Musk at odds with the app store operators,” Gurnam says.

    Musk has spoken out on multiple occasions against this type of commission.claiming that they are an Internet tax that big companies like Google and Apple can afford to collect.

    In case of a refusal by Elon Musk to pay these fees Twitter could be left out of the app storeswhich could further complicate the company’s economic situation, at a time when it is losing advertisers and the company is in the red, according to the billionaire’s own words.

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    Source: La Opinion

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