TechnologyGetting paid for not working: how is Meta's strategy to compete with...

    Getting paid for not working: how is Meta’s strategy to compete with other technology companies

    Recently, several former employees of the Meta company have made surprising statements about their work experience within the company. According to these assertions, Meta hired many of them solely to keep them from being part of the competition, without really considering whether or not these employees were necessary to the company.

    This has led to a situation in which many workers did not have precise functions within Meta and, in most cases, received their salary without having to work. According to former employees, the company provided them with meaningless tasks or simply left them in an indefinite waiting situationwhich made them feel that they were wasting their time and were not being valued for their work.

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    It’s important pointing that This information has been released in the midst of a wave of massive layoffs that Meta has carried out in recent months.. Tens of thousands of employees have lost their jobs at the company, causing concern in the employment community and the subject of controversy in the media.

    Meta has not been the only company that has been forced to make cuts in its workforce after the end of the pandemic. Other companies in the sector such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Spotify and Amazon have done the same letting go of a significant percentage of its workforce.

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    According to experts, this situation is due to a change in the market situation with respect to the pandemic, when all tech companies saw significant growth due to mobility restrictions that forced a large part of the population to remain in their homes. .

    In this context, there was a boom in the growth of companies such as Meta, which could not be sustained over time due in part to the economic crisis affecting the main developed economies.

    It is estimated that a total of 170,000 jobs have been lost, which reflects the contraction that the sector has registered in the last year.

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