TechnologyFormer Apple employee pleads guilty to stealing company trade secrets

    Former Apple employee pleads guilty to stealing company trade secrets

    Former Apple employee pleads guilty to stealing company trade secrets

    Xiaolang Zhang, a former Apple engineer, pleaded guilty to a jury in San Jose, California, of stealing company trade secrets.. The man planned to sell the information for a large sum of money.

    According to the information that has transpired, the files stolen by Zhang correspond to data from the secret division of Apple responsible for the design and development of cars, of which little or nothing is known so far. Among other reasons, this is due to the secrecy with which the company has been working in recent years.

    As part of his plea agreement, the documents in his case were sealed, so it is not possible to know details about the deal.. However, it is known that Zhang can face up to 10 years in prisonas well as a fine of up to $250,000. The sentence is expected to be handed down in November.

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    Zhang was accused of unauthorized downloading internal Apple files involving the car the company is developing. Specifically, it is a document of approximately 25 pages, which contains engineering diagrams of one of the components of the autonomous vehicle.

    Similarly He was also accused of stealing manuals describing certain Apple prototypes, as well as the requirements to build them.. Zhang’s arrest came in July 2018 when federal agents at the San Jose airport managed to capture him before he managed to fly to China, where extradition would not have been possible.

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    Apple’s first suspicion that something was wrong with Zhang came after he took paternity leave and traveled to China.. Upon his return, he presented his resignation, arguing that he needed to return to China to be able to take care of his mother.

    This led to Apple conducting an internal investigation in which it was able to determine the theft of information, which later led to a complaint being filed.

    Zhang is not the only one accused of these types of charges as Jizhong Chen, another Apple employee, is also believed to be involved in the information theft plot. confidential. However, in his case he has not reached any kind of agreement with the authorities, nor has he decided to plead guilty.

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