TechnologyFilmmaker is producing a movie made solely with artificial intelligence

    Filmmaker is producing a movie made solely with artificial intelligence

    The artificial intelligence already very popular for creating images from text, now the German tech entrepreneur Fabian Stelzer decided to use this and other tools to produce a movie.

    The filmmaker has said that while playing with the AI ​​program called Midjourney, he was inspired to use the software to make his own production Inspired by sci-fi movies from the 70’s and 80’s.

    The technological entrepreneur will rely solely on generative art models to create a complete movie and will use AI models to develop everything from scenery to visual effects, scenery, and even voice acting.

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    Currently, AI models cannot produce moving scenes, so the film will be a series of stills stitched together, like a stop-motion film. However, Stelzer is using a deepfake system and video editing programs to create fluidity and movement.

    Another peculiarity of “SALT” is that instead of going the traditional way of writing the script, Stelzer invites his Twitter followers to participate in the project by helping to make decisions important to the plot.

    The filmmaker hopes that the creation of this new film developed by AI inspire more people to produce their own moviesthus making the film industry more accessible.

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    Stelzer revealed that the film will be about two cosmic travelers who have landed on a distant planet and they find themselves surrounded by a vast land of a peculiar salt-like substance, hence the name of the film.

    According to the description that appears on his Twitter account, “SALT is the world’s first multi-frame ‘movie’ generated entirely by AI: A web adventure where your choices create a 1970s sci-fi universe.

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    Source: La Opinion

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