TechnologyFBI blamed North Korean hackers for stealing $100 million during a 2022...

    FBI blamed North Korean hackers for stealing $100 million during a 2022 attack

    FBI blamed North Korean hackers for stealing $100 million during a 2022 attack

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) held a group of North Korean hackers responsible for the theft of more than $100 million in cryptocurrency that occurred in 2022.

    As part of the investigations, FBI officials managed to discover that Those responsible behind the attack were the members of a group calling itself the Lazarus Groupwhich is believed to have ties to Pyongyang.

    The FBI also detailed that they were able to detect that hackers used the Railgun system this month to launder more than $60 million of the originally stolen amount. The use of Railgun was aimed at trying to hide the origin of the funds in such a way that it would be more difficult for authorities to link the money to hackers.

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    The authorities indicated that part of the ether that was stolen by the hackers was sent to different platforms to be able to convert it into bitcoin.

    They also explained that they continue to work to prevent this type of attack from continuing to allow hackers to carry out massive thefts, especially since they ensure that the funds are later used to “support Korea’s ballistic missile and weapons of mass destruction programs.” North”.

    This is not the first time that the Lazarus Group has been targeted by the US authorities as previously these same cybercriminals were accused by the Treasury Department of being responsible for the theft of $600 million dollars suffered by the Ronin network and that it is considered one of the largest cryptocurrency thefts in history.

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    On that occasion, the authorities managed to accurately identify one of the virtual wallets in which part of the stolen funds were deposited. This allowed the Treasury to impose sanctions on it, preventing any US citizen or company from making transactions with said wallet.

    Cybersecurity experts explain that North Korea’s insistence on carrying out this kind of attack lies in the fact that they intend to use cryptocurrencies to try to evade the sanctions that weigh on their economy.

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