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    Facebook wants you to have up to five accounts on the social network

    Facebook continues to work on new plans that allow the ‘app’ to maintain its number of users. Among the functionalities that the social network will soon implement for this purpose is the possibility that Internet users have up to four different profiles associated with your main account. The platform is already carrying out the necessary tests, as stated by ‘The Verge’.

    The company’s goal is that users can use each of their additional profiles for different things. For example, one could be for the workplace, another for friends and the others to follow ‘influencer’ accounts or to show a hobby. The idea is that, from the same account, the user can switch profiles easily.

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    From the social network, they warn, however, that the user will continue to be obliged to comply with Facebook’s rules in all their profiles. This implies that, for example, if you violate the platform’s policies in any of your additional accounts, the social network will take action against all user accounts.

    For example, if an Internet user publishes a text that violates the rules, and the social network decides to block his account for a few days, the ban will affect all profiles.

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    The new associated accounts will not have to include the user’s real name. The announcement of the new functionality comes at a time of maximum uncertainty for the social network, which has been working for some time to compete against TikTok, a platform that has aroused more interest among young users than Facebook for a year.

    The platform also faces the difficult challenge of the slowdown in advertising business, the main source of profit for Meta, the technology company that includes Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Precisely, the company depends on that money to progress in the construction of the metaverse, that sort of new virtual world that the company wants to make its main line of business.

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