TechnologyElon Musk harshly criticized Threads for this reason

    Elon Musk harshly criticized Threads for this reason

    Elon Musk, the renowned entrepreneur and technological visionary, has recently expressed his concern about the large amount of data that the social network Threads is collecting from its millions of registered users.

    According to Musk, Threads has gone beyond acceptable limits by collecting information about the health, physical activity, financial data, personal contacts, photos, browsing history, and a long list of other data from its users.

    The Tesla and SpaceX founder, known for his focus on privacy and data security, has raised concerns about the extent of data collection by Threads. In a shocking statement, Musk said: “A closed-source, algorithm-only system means that manipulation of the information people see is essentially undetectable.” This quote reveals his concern about how Threads could manipulate the data and information that is displayed to users, without their knowledge.

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    In addition to the concern about the manipulation of information, another part of the fear lies in the possible use and sale of this data collected by Threads to third parties.. The idea of ​​a company having access to a large amount of users’ personal and sensitive information, such as health and financial data, is a cause for concern for many privacy advocates.

    However, Despite these concerns, millions of users have already signed up for Threads.. This shows that despite privacy and data security concerns, there is still significant demand for social media platforms that offer new features and functionality.

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    Elon Musk has raised the possibility of taking legal action against Meta, the company behind Threads, for allegedly copying certain key features of Twitter. Musk, the current owner of the social network, has expressed concern about the similarity between certain features of Threads and those of the popular social network.

    The entrepreneur has hinted that Meta has blatantly copied certain features from Twitter, raising questions about the originality and ethics behind the development of Threads.

    This possible legal conflict between Musk and Meta highlights the importance of Intellectual property protection in the technology industry and the need for companies to respect copyrights and encourage genuine innovation rather than simply mimic successful features of other platforms.

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