TechnologyElon Musk could replace the blue bird on Twitter with an "X"

    Elon Musk could replace the blue bird on Twitter with an “X”

    The little blue bird logo that has identified Twitter for years will soon be historyaccording to the owner of the platform, Elon Musk, who plans to identify it simply with an “X”.

    The millionaire businessman has resorted, as he usually does, to tweets to let his plans be known and this Sunday was no exception, surprising millions of users who have become familiar with the little blue bird for years.

    And soon we will say goodbye to the Twitter brand and, little by little, to all the little birds“, he pointed out in a message, after which he added that” if a good enough X logo is published tonight, tomorrow we will put it live worldwide.

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    He has also posted several photos and in one a moving X appears with a black background and in another, the businessman is with his hands crossed in the shape of an X.

    He also posted a photo of the bird in white with a black background accompanied by the message: “Like this, but X.”

    “If X is the closest thing in style to something, it should, of course, be Art Deco,” he says.

    Musk launched an artificial intelligence company this year for which he also used the letter x when calling it “xAI” and a few months ago he changed the name of the company, which he bought last year for 44,000 million dollars, to an X…

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    The also owner of Tesla, the space program SpaceX and Neuralink makes this announcement after “Threads” was born a week ago, Meta’s new social network that seeks to compete with Twitter.

    The letter X has been present in Musk’s business and business life in the past: was the original name for Paypal and is in his company SpaceX, but also in the name of his son who was born in 2020. He wants the X to be an app for everything.

    With information from Efe.

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