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    Do you have passwords related to Bad Bunny or Taylor Swift? Beware, they could be hacked

    The cyber security firm SpyCloud revealed that more than 300,000 passwords were breached during the year 2022, and that many of them had words or phrases inspired by two of the most popular artists of the moment: Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny. Surprisingly, Codes such as “Bad Rabbit”, “Swiftie”, “Taylor”, “Benito”, “Me porto bonito” and “Midnights” were among the most used by the victims of these attacks.

    While it may seem surprising that so many people use passwords inspired by pop culture, this is something that has been seen for several years. Many people use passwords based on the names of bands, movies, TV shows, and celebrities to make them easier to remember. However, this also makes them easier for cybercriminals to guess.

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    It is important to remember that a strong password should contain a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. It is also recommended not to use common words, short phrases or personal information such as birth dates or pet names. Also, it is important to use different passwords for each account and change them regularly.

    In addition to passwords inspired by popular artists, streaming platforms were also targeted by cyberattacks in 2022. According to SpyCloud data, it is estimated that a total of 167,000 passwords for streaming platforms such as Netflix were violated..

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    Attacks on streaming platforms have become increasingly common in recent years, as many cybercriminals seek to gain access to user accounts in order to gain access to their personal and financial information. Often this is accomplished by utilizing techniques such as phishing, malware, and brute force..

    Besides, the cybersecurity firm also identified more than 22 million devices infected with malware in 2022, which endangers the data security and privacy of users. In this sense, it is essential that users take additional security measures, such as the installation of protection software against viruses and malware, and the use of strong and unique passwords for each account.

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