TechnologyCollege students are using artificial intelligence to cheat in class

    College students are using artificial intelligence to cheat in class

    Cheating at school is something that has surely occurred since school institutions existed, but this activity has evolved, since recently some students have started using chatbots to that end.

    A South Carolina college professor sounded the alarm about him use of chatbots AI-powered advanced skills by students to perform various tasks.

    Darren Hick, an associate professor of philosophy at Furman University, told The New York Post that one of his students used a chatbot with artificial intelligence to create a philosophy essay.

    The program in question is known as ChatGPTan advanced AI-based chatbot that has recently been released by OpenAI and is about to available to the public free of charge.

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    The college professor had commissioned his students at Furman University to write a 500 word essay on the 18th century philosopher David Hume and the paradox of horror, as a take-home test.

    As Hick reviewed the essays submitted by his students, one caught his attention because of its unusual wording. It wasn’t grammatically incorrect, but it wasn’t the language a human college student would use.

    Hick compared it to the work of a highly intelligent 12th grader, adding that the The chatbot’s ability to produce original work terrified him. and it fascinated him at the same time.

    Upon suspicion that the work had been done with artificial intelligence, the teacher decided to check it out.

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    First, entered the text into a software tool created by the producers of ChatGPT, to determine if it had been produced by artificial intelligence. The result was a 99.9% match.

    After buying the trap, Darren Hick confronted the student and managed to get a confession out of him. Indeed, the suspect had used the ChatGPT chatbot to prepare the essay, for which he failed the class and was also handed over to the dean of the university.

    After sharing this situation on Facebook, the teacher was surprised to learn that other colleagues had surprised their students doing the same.

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    The New York City Department of Education reported that it has blocked access to ChatGPT from all devices connected to its network.. The measure seeks to prevent students from accessing the chatbot to carry out their school activities.

    Jenna Lyle, a spokeswoman for the city’s Department of Education, explained that the blockade is due to the fact that consider that the chatbot could have a negative impact on the education of students.

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