TechnologyBecome a Threads expert! Learn how to create your account and...

    Become a Threads expert! Learn how to create your account and take full advantage of the features of the new Mark Zuckerberg application

    Threads, the new social network created by Instagram, offers people the opportunity to have public conversations in real time and also helps boost the popularity of Instagram within the Meta family of products.

    To create an account on Threads, you currently need to have an Instagram account. The Instagram account username will also be the username in Threads. If desired, users can import their Instagram follower list directly into Threads. Additionally, verified Instagram accounts will also be verified in the Threads app. Users have the option to set their account as private or public.

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    Regarding its functions, Threads presents similarities and differences with Twitter. Like on Twitter, users can post text-based messages in a dropdown channel and receive responses from the people who follow them. Also can share photos and videos in the appno. However, Threads does not yet support the direct messaging feature that Twitter offers. Instagram has expressed its willingness to add new features to Threads if users request it.

    Instagram aims to make Threads work with other apps in what’s known as Fediverse., a federated universe of services that share communication protocols. This means that Threads will integrate seamlessly with other platforms, which could be attractive for creators and influencers, as it would allow them to bring their fan base to other applications based on the same technology. This gives creators greater flexibility and reduces the risks of relying on a single platform.

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    Regarding availability, Threads is currently available for free on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store in the United States. and in approximately 100 countries. Meta has expansion plans in the future.

    However, at this early stage, Threads will not be available in the European Union due to the implementation of the Digital Markets Law. This law limits the way big tech companies share data between services. Meta is awaiting further details on law enforcement before launching Threads in all 27 EU countries.

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