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    Bard: how is Google’s Artificial Intelligence with which they hope to compete with ChatGPT

    Google presented Bard its new Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has an experimental language model similar to that of ChatGPTthe system created by the OpenAI company.

    The presentation of the new chatbot was made by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google’s parent company Alphabet, during an event called “The next important step in our journey towards AI”.

    Google’s commitment to the development of AI is not something new, as Pichai himself explained, since the company has more than 6 years investing heavily in this type of technology in order to stay ahead of the competition.

    An example of this development was LaMDA a system with AI that has been in the testing phase for months.

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    The name of this system is not entirely unknown due to a few months ago one of the Google engineers in charge of developing and testing LaMDA said that the AI ​​had become self-aware and therefore should not be considered as a simple machine. However, a short time later, Google denied all these claims and fired the employee for leaking confidential company information.

    According to the information offered by the CEO of Google, Bard swill be able to connect to the Internet to search for information requested by usersand then analyze it and offer it in the best possible way.

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    This means a big difference from the outset with respect to ChatGPT, because the latter only has information that was available on the network until the end of 2021.

    In practice this means that the answers provided by Bard should be much more complete and accurate than those displayed by the OpenAI chatbot.

    “Bard takes information from the internet and uses it to provide high-quality, current answers,” Pichai said.

    Another element to consider is that according to what could be seen in the presentation, response times will be much shorter than those offered by OpenAI. This is not a surprise because for a company like Google it is much easier to have a larger number of servers and processing power than any other company in the market.

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    Regarding its release date to the general public Pichai stated that this will happen over the course of the next few weeks, so it is possible that Bard will be available as early as March..

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