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    Bad time to have a PS5: Sony increased the price of PlayStation Plus to the surprise of users

    Sony took the gaming community by surprise by announcing an unexpected price increase for its flagship service, PlayStation Plus. Starting September 6, fans should prepare to shell out more for annual memberships at all levels of service.

    The cheapest package, known as Essential, will see a substantial increase, going from its current rate of $60 to $80.. Meanwhile, the Extra version, which used to cost $100, will see an increase to $135and those who opted for the Premium package They will have to face an increase of $120 to $160 dollars annually.

    The news has caused a stir among the gaming community, generating debates in forums and social networks about whether the price increase is justified. Despite the uncertainty, Sony has stated that these adjustments are necessary to continue delivering high-quality online gaming experiences, as well as to support investment in new titles and exclusive services.

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    It is important to highlight that Those users who already have an active subscription to any of the plans will not be affected by the increase until it is time to renew their membership.. This measure seeks to alleviate the concern of current members and provide them with a grace period before facing the new prices.

    The change in prices will not be exclusive to a particular region, as Sony has announced that the rate increase will take place globally. This means that PlayStation Plus users around the world will experience these price adjustments.

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    The gaming community is torn between understanding the costs associated with high-quality online services and annoyance at the unexpected increase. As the date of the price change approaches, many are wondering how this will impact their relationship with PlayStation Plus and the video game industry in general. Only time will tell how this decision will affect the player base and the image of the PlayStation brand.

    This adjustment in PlayStation Plus prices by Sony is also interpreted as a strategic response to the growing competition in the subscription services market in the video game industry. In particular, it becomes evident that This move is influenced by the success of Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service. Xbox Game Pass has managed to attract a large number of users by offering a rotating catalog of games for download and online play in exchange for a monthly fee.

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