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    Auto-GPT: what it is and why it is considered to be much more advanced than ChatGPT

    The development of new Artificial Intelligence systems seems to have taken a leap with the arrival of Auto-GPTa new model that allows its users to configure it to perform tasks automatically, thus improving its performance and efficiency.

    With the new system, whose code has become extremely popular on GitHub, users can order ChatGPT 4 to perform a specific activity and during this process it will be in charge of checking its progress until it is finished.

    In this way, what experts call automatic generation of prompts is produced, which in simple terms implies that the AI ​​is capable of creating its own commands without human intervention in order to achieve the objective for which it was programmed.

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    This means that with a single instruction users can make the AI ​​start to operate and generate the commands necessary so that you can progress in the task that has been assigned to you.

    The arrival of Auto-GPT demonstrates the rapid development that AI-based systems are experiencing, something that experts like Elon Musk have warned could be dangerous for humanity.

    That is why some, including Musk, have raised the possibility of delaying the development of this type of AI model in order to prevent it from having a negative impact on the world.

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    One aspect to note is that Because Auto-GPT is an open source application, anyone who wants to can go to the GitHub repository and download it.. Added to this is the fact that it can be modified to adapt it to the needs of each user.

    However, for this it is necessary that the user has certain programming knowledge in such a way that he can use it as he wishes.

    The main advantage that Auto-GPT offers over ChatGPT is the fact that This new system has the possibility of connecting to the Internet to obtain information extra that allows you to meet your goal.

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    This feature puts it on par with the version of Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, which is powered by ChatGPT. Another advantage of the new system is that pIt can integrate the joint work of multiple “ChatGPT 4”to automate the process as much as possible.

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