TechnologyAtmos FlexConnect: audio problems on your television will be a thing of...

    Atmos FlexConnect: audio problems on your television will be a thing of the past with this new technology

    The revolutionary technology known as Dolby Atmos FlexConnect has burst onto the tech scene during IFA Berlin 2023, the largest European technology fair. This innovative technology promises to solve audio problems that often plague the television viewing experience. In essence, Dolby Atmos FlexConnect lets you wirelessly connect compatible external speakers to your TV and create an Atmos-enabled spatial audio setup.

    What sets this technology apart is its flexibility in the placement of external speakers. Unlike other systems that require a perfectly symmetrical layout, Atmos FlexConnect allows you to place the speakers anywhere in the room with your TV. This means you can integrate them harmoniously into your existing living space, without needing to rearrange your furniture or mount the speakers on the walls. For example, one speaker could be on a bookshelf to the left of your TV, while another could be on a side table to the right of your couch. This versatility is a huge step forward in the convenience of setting up a surround audio system.

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    Dolby Atmos FlexConnect technology was introduced in collaboration with TCL, which is acting as a launch partner. The 2024 TCL TV line will be the first to offer this technology, indicating an exciting future for the home entertainment industry. Although it will initially be available only on TCL TVs, the technology is expected to roll out to a wider range of TVs and speakers in the future.

    Dolby Atmos FlexConnect setup begins with a calibration process in which external speakers emit test tones which are captured by the television’s microphones. This Allows you to determine optimal speaker locations and adapt to room acoustics. Technically, Atmos FlexConnect can connect to multiple speakers simultaneously, but the number will depend on the specific hardware of each TV. TCL plans to allow up to two external Atmos FlexConnect speakers with its 2024 TVsalthough more affordable models might support only one external speaker.

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    A highlight of Atmos FlexConnect is that it does not exclude the internal speakers of the television. Instead, it works in conjunction with them to achieve a balanced sound experience. This means that the audio remains clear and focused, even if the external speakers are not placed perfectly symmetrically.

    Although the mass availability of this technology could take at least a year, everything indicates that it will be a great success in improving audio quality in home entertainment. Dolby Atmos FlexConnect is set to change the way we enjoy sound on our TVs, delivering an immersive experience that’s hassle-free and easy to set up.

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